Auto Accessories


  • Car Emergenct Kits

    We provide emergency kits to the nessary maintenance equipment while the car is driving...
    All items in the carry bag can be OEM by your requirements.
  • Trunk Tray

    Trunk tray for all models of car 

    We have tooling for various Honda car models.  Please send us inquiry.  We can also develop new tooling of trunk tray.

    Fast delivery, Good quality, Best Price.

  • Ultrasonic Sensors

    Available ultrasonic sensors suitalbe for our system
    There are many, many types of sensors but we only suggest you the following types which are the most stable ones.
  • Car DVR system

     We start some DVR system for our clients.
    There are:
    > 3" screen DVR with front camera only
    > 3" and 4" DVR with front & rear view camera
    > Wifi DVR front camera only
    > Wifi DVR with front & rear cameras