• Play2Air

ViseeO Play2Air

Play2Air Wireless CarPlay Upgrade Adaptor | Works with Mercedes, Ford, Mazda, Lexus, Hyundai
AUTOMATIC WIRELESS CONNECTION, NO NEED FOR CABLES - Wireless carplay automatically connects your iPhone to carplay without the need for cables. Access your iPhone’s music and applications

FAST AND SIMPLE CONNECTION - Simply plug apple carplay adapter into car’s USB port, go to iPhone’s bluetooth setup, and connect play2air.

COMPATIBLE iPHONES and VEHICLES - Wireless apple carplay compatible with iPhone 5 and up with IOS 9 and above. ALL VEHICLES EQUIPPED WITH ORIGINAL FACTORY FITTED WIRED CARPLAY ARE SUPPORTED. If you are not sure if you have wired CarPlay, please check with your car dealer for more information.
VOICE CONTROL - Carplay wireless supports voice commands to make phone calls, activate Siri, Google Map, Waze, Mirrorlink. iTunes Music, and access messages.
ENJOY ALL FEATURES - Enables you to enjoy all original CarPlay functions wirelessly. Including use of steering wheel buttons to control tracks.