• Control box of parking sensors
    Control box of parking sensors

Driving Assistance

Combining the best hardware and software, We produce the best and mose stable Parking / Backup Sensor systems.

The following links will introduce you all kinds of system

  • PDC Sensors

    Above pictures are the Viseeo Contol box for our parking sensor system.  We use brand new electronic components to ensure the best quality.  PCBA with water-proof treatment to prevent any interference during high humidity seasons.  The following models will show you our parking sensor systems with different output devices:    

  • Front & rear sensors

    Control Box for Front & Rear Parking Sensor Kit.

    With four front sensors and four rear sensors sockets
    Socket for various display and speaker / buzzer...
    The output devices can be in various display, please check from below list: 
    We are working on GPS module to detect car speed.  Front sensor system will be activated only when speed lower than 15Km/H to prevent interference of front wind when car speed is higher.
  • Backup Cameras



  • Backup Monitors

    This page will introduce some of our backup monitors.  Most of our monitors are with HD LCD panels.  NTSC or PAL video format are both available.  Please refer to monitors below:

  • Video PDC Sensors



  • Truck Quad DVR

    Driving Video Recording (DVR) system for Truck & Bus

  • Tire pressure TPMS

    This is the control box of our TPMS system.  
    On-dash control box with display in front panel
    Solar panel on box top to charrge the monitor by sunlight.
    Receiving presure data from those sensor installed on cr wheels and show data on display