Tune2Air WMA-2000

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  • WMA-2000 Tune2Air music adaptor
    WMA-2000 Tune2Air music adaptor
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IMPORTANT: Check for Compatibility in Car Systems:
To check compatibility, just use an iPod or iPhone (best tested with the device with the 30 pin connector) to connect with your USB iPod system with your original USB cable. If it works correctly and the playlist is displayed on car screen, then the tune2air WMA2000 should work in your car. (Not compatible with 2015 Nissan Pathfinder).

IMPORTANT: if you have a USB connector in your car and next to it there is also a AUX-IN port (3.5mm socket), the WMA2000 will NOT work!

The playback device (such as Apple, Android, Windows 8 phones etc) does not have to be plugged into your system, in fact this is a great solution for the latest generation with the new Lightning connector, no adapter is needed, or for other phone systems (some limits on functionality for non-Apple devices)! Most audio you can play on your phone can be sent to the WMA2000 by Bluetooth, such as song, or online services like Internet radio.